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Many homeowners take great pride in their homes but overlook some outward features. It’s easy to do as we spend a great deal of time inside the house. Neighbors and potential buyers, however, see the outside of the home first – all of the outside. While it’s important to have a nicely painted and clean house, it’s also important to pay attention to the “little” things. Things like decks and fences. Having maintained fences and decking shows that a homeowner truly cares for their property. Even if the inside of your house is immaculate, what the rest of the world sees is an ill-fitting deck that’s rotting away and a fence that hasn’t been cared for in years – so why would they think the rest of your house is in great shape? Let us take care of the little things that make a big impact when it comes to your home.

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Why Deck & Fence Cleaning is Important

In Dallas, TX especially it’s important to keep an eye out for mold and fungus. The stuff grows everywhere. While a good ol’ fashioned power washing takes care of it on the house, many people don’t think to extend that service to fences or porches. While mold isn’t pretty to look at, it’s also important to prevent growth in regards to health concerns. With Texas being a southern state, the mean temperature is one of the highest in America. Higher temperatures lead to more mold and fungus growth. Mold always starts off invisible, so you may not think there’s a problem until it’s grown out of control.

You may have heard the saying that moss grows on the north side of trees. Well, it’s not only trees that moss grows on – but houses as well. Fences, in particular, are especially vulnerable. They’re wooden flat standing structures, which means one side of them (the north side in Dallas) spends more time hidden from the sun. Moss loves this and will thrive on the north side of your fences.

With the prevalent mold and moss growth also comes water damage. Mold and moss will trap water against your decks and fences. While this may just sound like an annoyance, it’s actually very dangerous. Wood soaked in water is more likely to lose structural stability. You don’t want your family walking on a deck like that, and you don’t want to replace your fence which rotted years before its time.

Resale values of homes are linked to the outward appearance, which is what real estate agents call “curb appeal”. Studies have shown that pressure washed homes looked newer and actually sold for more money. However many buyers use peripheral features such as fences as an indicator to determine how well-maintained a house was over the years. That’s why it’s important to not just focus on pressure washing the house, but also to turn attention towards decks and fences.

Decks and fences are much harder to clean than a house if you don’t power wash them. Sweeping only pushes the dirt and grime into the cracks and gaps. So what will you do? You can get down on your hands and knees with soap and a scrubber, attempting to clean every little crevice in the wood, only to have failed results. That Doesn’t sound like our idea of a good time, especially in the Dallas sun. Having professionals (like us) power wash your house gives your knees and back a break while cleaning every single inch of your deck and fence.

Best Deck Cleaning Dallas TX

How We clean your decks & fences

While we use the same equipment to power wash your decks and fences as we use on your actual home, we use a different process. “Softwashing” is like regular power washing except the pressure is kept considerably lower. This is vital to protect the paint, stains, and finishes. Softwashing also keeps the wood from splintering which causes structural problems. We have knowledge and experience to utilize the exact pressure needed. If you fence or deck has considerable damage then we will utilize the lowest pressure needed to get the job done safely.

Who has time nowadays to take time off work and wait for a service provider to come to your home? It seems like they’re always at least 3 hours late. We don’t want to be an inconvenience to your life which is why we respect your time. We will come to your home when YOU tell us to and make it as convenient as possible. Contact us today and we will provide a quote or schedule a free in person consultation within 24 hours!

It’s important to us to not only make sure your property is looking new and beautiful when we leave but also to not cause any damage to the environment in doing so. Here in drought-prone Dallas, TX, we take the issue of water waste very seriously. Pressure washing uses 240 gallons an hour easily. Softwashing, however, only uses about 40 gallons of water per hour. Along with saving a ton of water, we also use professional-grade eco-friendly soaps and detergents. This means that they are safe for your lawn and the groundwater.

You won’t find anyone more knowledgeable about transforming the outside of your home than us. We’ve had experience working on many different materials and surfaces, so we know the best methods to use. We guarantee a beautiful home and your satisfaction. We will wash your decks and fences meticulously. Once they are perfectly clean we can also stain your decks or fences.

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