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Exterior home maintenance isn’t just about making your abode look beautiful – although it is a great side effect which certainly helps with resale value. Much of home maintenance actually has to do with preventing catastrophe. Take a look at your gutters – they’re probably not something you notice very often. However if they aren’t taken care of regularly, you could have major problems on your hands. Regular gutter cleaning is much easier than fixing all the problems that could occur from unclean, damaged gutters. Let us keep your Murphy, TX home safe for you and your family.

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Debris Removal

We will access your gutters and remove by hand and gutter tools all of the dry debris within your gutters. Any and all debris or blockages will be removed from your gutter channels and downspouts.

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Channel Flush

Once we’ve removed all of the dirt, grass, and leaves from your gutters we will then perform a gutter flush. We will blast out all of the remaining residue of dirt and flush it all into your downspouts.

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Downspout Flush

Once we’ve flushed your gutters the next step is to ensure your downspouts are cleared out and working properly. We will flush a large amount of water into your downspouts to ensure you have proper flow through your gutters.

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Gutter Whitening

Once your gutters are fully cleared out and flushed of all debris, we can then clean the exterior of your gutters. We can wash and brighten the exterior face of your gutters making them look clean and new again.

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gutters are vital to the safety of your home

How can dirty gutters cause harm?

Water damage is something nobody wants to deal with. It can be an absolute nightmare. So why not prevent it? Gutters that are clogged by leaves and debris can cause your roof to leak. This will not only damage your roof and ceiling, but if the leak becomes bad enough it could also damage your walls, floor, and anything else in the room. Water damage isn’t just an annoyance – it can do serious harm to the structural integrity of your roof and walls. Simply put – it’s just not safe.

While most homes in Dallas, TX don’t have basements, those that do, need a bit of extra care. Clogged gutters are a huge issue when it rains. The water has nowhere to go except spill out onto the ground, which then seeps into your basement. This will not only ruin your basement floor but can also cause mold growth inside the home. This is especially dangerous for families with young children or elders.

Birds and squirrels may look cute from a distance, but it’s important to keep them at that distance. Gutters that are filled with leaves and debris are the perfect home for rats, mice, birds, snakes, squirrels, and insects. Regular gutter cleaning will keep these pests at bay – and also keep disease away. Did you know that West Nile Virus was recently found in Dallas? So why risk having mosquitos take residence by creating the perfect environment for them to breed?

Replacing a roof is a huge job, which makes it very important (and cost-effective) to simply take care of the one you already have. Although sub-freezing temperatures are rare in Dallas, the occasional freezing cold night can cause damage to your home. When it gets cold, all of that water trapped along your roof turns into ice. When water freezes, it expands. This expansion causes your shingles to expand along with it, which forms cracks and crevices. Yup, frozen water leads to all manner of breaches and leaks in your roof. In addition, this backup leads to an additional weight which could lead to a collapse of either the gutters or parts of your roof.

Don’t judge a book by its cover is a well-known phrase, but in the real estate world, everyone judges a house by its exterior. The landscaping and maintenance of the outside of a house really help buyers determine if the property has been properly cared for. Not only do clean gutters look great on the outside, but the inside will be clear and ready to funnel rainwater properly away from your home.

Working on the top of a house can be very dangerous if you don’t have the right tools. Let us take care of maintenance for you. We have sturdy, extendable ladders so no matter how tall your home is, we can reach. We then use a trowel to scoop out all of the debris, followed with a special hose to flush the gutters. If your gutters don’t drain properly even after cleaning, we may need to remove your downspouts to fully clear them out. We inspect every inch for damage, including the downspouts.

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Why use our gutter cleaning?

Isn’t it just inconvenient to take a day or two off of work because a service provider is late or a no-show? It’s not just rude, but inconvenient, annoying, and costly. Most people just can’t afford to take that kind of time off work. You won’t find this issue with us. We’re professionals who work on your schedule. You tell us when the most convenient time for you is and we will be there – on time!

Having your gutters cleaned will provide safety to your home and peace of mind to you. When your gutters are well maintained you don’t have to worry about damage to your roof, siding, foundation, or the gutters themselves.

We have pride in our Dallas, TX company and in our community. When we do a job, we do it right. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will correct any issue. We want you to feel confident in choosing us to make your home beautiful and safe.

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