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Do you know what color your house is?

Not what color it was when you got it but what color it actually is, as it stands, right now? Most homeowners don’t give accurate responses. There’s a psychological phenomenon called “change blindness” and we all succumb to it. It’s why you can look in the mirror every day and not notice a tan or weight change, but a long lost friend notices right away. We simply can’t see gradual changes over time. This is why your perception of your house isn’t noticeable. You might not have noticed the sun bleaching, the calcium stains, the growing mold, algae, or moss on your roof. They all changed over time, little by little. It’s why everybody else sees the yellow pollen tinge, and you don’t. You shouldn’t feel bad. It happens to everybody. Just about the only people who don’t have to worry about this are the people performing yearly exterior maintenance on their houses. When you have your home professionally washed on a regular basis, you don’t HAVE to worry about it. Luckily you’ve found the best Laven house washing services in the area!

We can house wash every siding material

vinyl house cleaning power washing

Vinyl House Washing

Vinyl siding is a great choice for an affordable and beautiful look. The only issue with vinyl is most times its a lighter color so the algae growth is quite noticeable. We can house wash your vinyl to look clean and bright again. Get st Choice provides the safest vinyl house washing in Dallas.

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brick house washing dallas texas

Brick House Washing

Brick homes are beautiful and durable. The porous nature of bricks however creates a perfect place for algae to live and thrive. We can safely perform a Dallas house wash for all of your brick surfaces and we guarantee our house washing will make your brick home look beautiful and new.

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house power washing stucco cleaning

Stucco House Washing

Stucco is a popular material for home builders. It lasts long, its affordable and looks great. However, just like brick, stucco provides little clefts and crevices for moisture to get trapped in and algae to begin growing. A quick and affordable Dallas house wash is a great way to clean up your stucco in no time.

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wood house washing service

Wood House Washing

House washing old wooden homes can be harmful and difficult. Using too much pressure while house washing in Dallas can cause irreparable harm to your wooden siding, while using not enough pressure while house washing can provide sub par results. Our soft, eco-friendly house washing utilizes powerful detergents to work hard while keeping the pressure down.

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we can handle it all for you

You’re never going to find a harder working group of professionals in your entire life. Here’s a list of what makes us unique for your Laven house washing project:

Customized Approach: Your home is unique so a cookie-cutter approach probably won’t work. That’s why we develop a new plan unique to your house’s needs.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Whether it be our detergent solutions or our wide selection of wood stains, we care about nature just as much as we care about your satisfaction.

Expertise and Experience: We run a tight ship, which is due to years of experience tackling some of the (literally) stickiest situations you can imagine. Nothing surprises us.

Higher Selling Prices: We have a very strong relationship with real-estate brokers because a clean house is a house that sells very well. If you’re even considering a sale, we’d love to help you profit!

No Hassle: While we understand folks who love to get their hands dirty, the DIY approach isn’t for everybody. You let dentists clean your teeth, let us clean your house.

Convenient Schedule: We get what a hassle it is to wait at home all day for a service person. We’re not like that – schedule a time that works best for YOU and we’ll accommodate. You deserve the most courteous house washing Laven has to offer.

Mold Control: A dirty house is a breeding ground for mold which launches spores into the air. While these spores aren’t likely to be fatal, they’re especially harmful to children, elders, and allergy sufferers.

Cheapest Route: We already have access to all the specialized equipment and materials needed for the job. You never have to buy it yourself.

dramatic results guaranteed

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our promise

Beyond everything listed above: you have our guarantee to receive the best house washing Laven has to offer. If you’re not satisfied, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are – day or night! Your special circumstances or ‘weird’ requests aren’t looked down upon. For us, it’s not just about simply getting a job done. We have traditional values, so when you work with us, you’re family. We treat your home like it’s our home – going above and beyond to make sure the job is done RIGHT.

Best House Washing Laven TX

Bundle Other Services For Special Pricing

Often overlooked yet absolutely necessary is a clean roof. Your roof is particularly vulnerable to dirt, mold, and moss which build up over time. These can trap moisture, which slowly and surely degrades your roof over time. The roof is an essential thing to look at when considering getting your house washed. We also provide a discount when you bundle roof cleaning with your house washing service in Dallas

Speaking of hidden water damage, your gutter is the primary line of defense against water-based wear and tear. However, unless your gutters are properly (and regularly) cleaned, you’re going to find a host of other problems popping up. Everything from basement flooding to birds to mosquitoes can be traced back to gutters which haven’t been cleaned. Along with regular gutter cleaning we also can wash the exterior of your gutters to brighten and whiten the look of your gutter system.

The concrete surfaces of your home might have some discoloration which slowly appeared over time. So slowly you might not even realize it’s there. This is the same stuff that’s building up on the siding of your home: mold, dirt, algae, and moss. In a hot environment like Dallas, it’s especially bad. Luckily we have advanced pressure washing equipment which we can use to make your concrete, brick or wood surfaces look new again.

These are in the same category because the technique to wash and treat these are very similar, but in reality, your deck and fence are two very different and important parts of your home. Using an altered power washing technique called soft washing we do heavy cleaning without stripping or splintering your precious wood. We will use the exact amount of pressure needed for your fencing and your decking. 

Deck and fence staining isn’t just for beautification – although it does make for a beautiful deck or fence. It is also a preventative measure taken to ensure the wood stands strong against the elements. This means fences that don’t rot away and a deck that will stay strong, not decaying or becoming weak and unstable.

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