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While designing your new patio, driveway, or walkway, you’ll have to make a wide variety of decisions. Pattern, colors, materials, layout, and design are the obvious ones. Something you absolutely shouldn’t forget about is sealing your concrete. While concrete is a versatile and flexible material to work with, there are some issues that will pop up time and time again. Because we’re the best in Prosper  TX, we’ve been around to see a whole host of issues that can pop up if you’re not properly prepared. Our pressure washing and sealing service will ensure that your pavements will be in pristine condition and continue to look great long after we are are done. The best part is, you can have all of your concrete and pavers cleaned thoroughly and sealed to perfection in just one day.

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When you work with us, you know you’re working with the best professionals in Prosper  TX. We assure you high quality service and speedy scheduling. So why work with us?


You don’t have to spend a single penny on equipment, as we already have the best-of-the-best ready to do the job. Rather than sourcing from big box stores, every piece of equipment we use is industrial strength with all the bells and whistles needed to get the job done. This doesn’t just mean the applicator, but the sealer we use is second-to-none in effectiveness. This means less of a headache for you, and more time enjoying your new patio, walkway, or driveway.


Are you fed up with service providers that make you sit around all day, and they show up late? That’s what makes us different. When you work with us, we treat you like family. We work around your schedule, and we give you as much say as you want in the process. If you want us to take care of everything on your behalf, that’s okay too! You should be updating the application to your paver every 3-5 years. If and when you need us again we’ll be here for you!


This isn’t just any concrete, this is a part of your home. We understand and respect that, which is why you can trust us to provide outstanding service. When we do a job, we prefer to do it right the first time, which is why we always put our best people on the job. From cleaning and pressure washing your concrete to sealing it, every step of the way we will provide meticulous care and attention, in order to give you the most excellent paver sealing service possible.

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issues with concrete & Pavers

Because concrete is porous, it absorbs any and all liquid that touches it. Unfortunately, this means that it’s incredibly prone to staining and unsightly discoloration. Look no further than your local automotive garage to see what small oil spots look like over time. Unless you’re going for the “old mechanic’s garage” look, consider finding a solution.

The porous nature of concrete also means it absorbs plain regular water. Wherever there’s water, there’s our old friends mold and mildew. If you’ve ever seen green discoloration on concrete, it isn’t random – it’s organic matter. Usually, the culprit is mold, moss, and algae.

When water freezes, it expands, even when it’s trapped in concrete. This constant freezing and thawing eventually cause concrete to physically break up. Alongside freezing there are dozens of other ways for concrete to break up over time; the full list is too expansive to get into here. But know this – concrete has plagued construction companies since the 1800s when it was invented.

This is maybe the most prevalent issue when it comes to pavers and concrete. Most people understand that wood needs to be treated and that metal needs to be painted, but they somehow see concrete as a magical material that doesn’t ever need maintenance. This is absolutely false. We’ve been doing this for a while and we’ve seen more problems than you can imagine. However there is a pretty powerful solution that acts as a preventative to all of the above, and then some!

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Our Sealing Promise

Our goal is to make this entire process as smooth for you as possible. We guarantee that if our services are not up to your standards, we will do everything in our power to make things right. No matter how small of any issue we will work tirelessly for you to ensure everything is perfect and your concrete look immaculate.

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How paver sealing helps?

Sealing prevents just about every issue that you’re going to encounter. It prevents water from being held within the concrete, which means less mold, less staining, and less overall degradation. Because water never gets trapped in your concrete, freezing water never has a chance to damage it. The sealer also offers protection against harmful UV rays, sun bleaching, and discoloration.

All this extra protection leads to a very long life. Sealed concrete will always last longer than concrete that hasn’t been treated, and that’s because sealing actually physically enhances its structure. It’s a fix you just can’t afford to live without.

With all this talk of protection and durability, we nearly missed out on a vital piece of the puzzle – sealing your paver makes it look better! As you know your concrete and pavers look great when they are wet but when they dry they look old and bland again. Sealed pavements keep them looking glossy and beautiful.

we offer a full range of concrete sealers

When selecting your concrete sealer there are two basic types to choose from. While we can make recommendations, the final choice is ultimately yours. Both of these options have numerous pros and cons which we’ll be happy to share with you as you make your final decision.

Film Forming

Acrylic sealers protect your concrete by coating the outside. It covers all external holes with a film, which protects by prevention. Because water is never allowed to enter the concrete, it never gets the opportunity to do any harm. Thus this film forming concrete sealer keeps your pavements looking great while keeping water out.

Non Film Forming

Penetrative sealers work on a completely different level. Rather than creating a barrier over the top of your concrete, it soaks down into it. This type of sealer works by filling up the pores that water will try to soak into. Because the water has nowhere to go, it simply passes safely through the concrete.

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