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Have you noticed the epidemic of roof stains that’s infiltrated Parker, TX? We have – but of course, that’s our job. Next time you go for a drive make sure to take a look around. Dirty roofs are everywhere. Our mothers had a saying: “beauty is only skin deep.” While this might apply to people, when it comes to houses it’s a completely different story. Letting your roof get dirty isn’t just an eyesore but a much deeper problem. While they’re not attractive, dirty roofs actually come with a host of other problems including shorter lifespans, higher energy bills, and even dangerous organic lifeforms. 

To preserve your roof, get a Parker Roof Cleaning by 1st Choice Softwash Solutions!

we offer soft wash roof cleaning in Parker for any type of roof

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Tile Roofs

We perform soft wash Parker roof cleaning on your tile roofs to clean them to perfection. If any areas require a man up on the roof, we will access your roof line with safety and proceed with caution in order to not damage your tiles. 

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shingle roof cleaning

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs require special attention. The grit on your shingles can easily be blasted off if too much pressure is applied. We always utilize soft wash Parker roof cleaning to preserve your shingles.

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Spanish Roofs

Spanish style roofs can never be walked on since they are so delicate and the tiles stack on top of each other that any pressure can crack them. This is why we utilize soft wash roof cleaning in Parker for every Spanish tile job.

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alluminum roof cleaning

Alluminum Roofs

Aluminum roofs are also delicate and require special attention. Some roofs we can walk on while others we cannot. We have the expert knowledge to perform roof cleaning in Parker for your aluminum roof the most effective way.

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Your Roof May Be Hosting

Micro organisms

Here in Parker, a majority of the homes have shingled roofs. While this traditional look never goes out of style, it comes with its own set of problems: up to 80% of shingled roofs will develop issues caused by moss, mold, and fungus. This is due to the materials that modern-day shingles are made out of. Limestone, wood chips, and cardboard are typically used as fillers in shingles in order to offer competitive prices. However, it just so happens that these materials are the favorite food of moss, mold, and fungi

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A Dirty Roof Affects You In Two Major Ways

When we say that your shingles are food to these organisms, we weren’t kidding. They are literally eating away the structural integrity of everything they feed on. Even worse is the moisture it traps against the shingles which accelerates the decay even further. In warmer conditions, like those found in Parker, TX, moss, algae and lichen growing on a roof can penetrate the roof and allow water to enter the inside of the house!

When fungi take root they release what are known as “spores.” This is how they reproduce and spread. When you inhale these spores you can get a variety of symptoms depending on how sensitive you are. These include sneezing, runny nose, dry eyes, rash, and even respiratory issues. These allergic responses are even worse in children, the elderly, or anybody with a compromised immune system. Our roof cleaning not only beautifies your home but also protects you and your family!

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we can handle it all for you

Parker roof cleaning and maintenance is a surprisingly complicated job. There are a ton of pieces you really want experienced pros dealing with themselves:

Water Pressure: We make sure to keep pressure in the “safe zone” – high enough to be effective, low enough to prevent roof damage.

Detergent Solution:
Alongside medium water pressure, we use a unique blend of detergents, soaps, and water.

Water Temperature:
Differing levels of heated water can lead to drastically different results depending on your roof’s condition. We’ll choose the best option.

Safety Precautions: We’re professionals which means all the safety precautions and procedures will be met to the highest standards.

Best Gear: Our gear is industrial grade – these kits are professionally sourced, not something out of Home Depot or Lowes.

Hybrid Approach: Because every roof is different, different approaches are required to net the best result.

Guarantee: If you’re not happy with our service, we’ll go to any lengths to make you happy.

With all of the above points, you’ll be glad that you hired somebody instead of trying to tackle the problem yourself. Luckily we’re the best in Parker, TX. We’ve experienced it all, we’ve done it all, and we’re here to help!

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Why use our Roof Cleaning?

Using special equipment and techniques our crew will clean your roof, removing any dirt, dust, or problematic micro-organisms in the process. That’s only the start of the process because the constant fight against nature never really stops. Because micro-organisms are so small (that’s why they’re called micro) the beginning stages of infestation are invisible. Until the discoloration begins, you might not even know. This is why the power of regular maintenance cannot be overstated. This should be carried out for the life of your home and we are always here for you if and when you need us.

There a reason that houses with clean roofs sell for more money: they just look better. You can rediscover pride in your property with a roof that looks like new, all without having to pay to get it replaced. The most cost-effective way to rejuvenate your house is with a good ol’ fashioned roof cleaning, not to mention saving thousands by preventing roof replacement.

This is a hidden gem of roof cleaning and very underestimated. The DARKER your roof is, the more heat it absorbs. Because mold, dirt, dust, algae, and stains make your roof darker, they have a side effect of trapping in heat. Meanwhile, a freshly cleaned roof is lighter, which means it reflects more sunlight. There are actual noticeable differences in AC usage between houses of differing roof colors and cleanliness. More AC use means higher electricity bills. So cleaning your roof may actually lower your monthly bills!

We guarantee our roof cleaning in Dallas for up to three years after service! That means if any mold algae or lichen returns to your home within three years after we have cleaned your roof we will come back absolutely for free to treat any affected areas. We want our clients to have peace of mind, knowing that our roof cleaning service will not only provide aesthetic results but also provide lasting, genuine results as well!

Your home is special – we treat it as such. That’s why you came to us, the best roof cleaners in Dallas, TX. We guarantee that whatever the issue, we won’t leave until you’re satisfied. If you every need anything related to the exterior cleaning of your home, day or night, give us a call and we’ll leave you smiling.

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