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Solar panels are a smart move. It’s not just about saving electrical costs or being completely self-sufficient: solar panel energy is without a doubt humanities future. Every time we see a house with solar panels in St Paul, TX, we smile. We really do believe that more people embracing solar energy will make the world a better place. However, it’s important to remember that solar panels aren’t magic. They’re a piece of hardware. Like any hardware, they need regular maintenance and fine-tuning over time to remain in optimal condition. Just like you’re changing your car’s oil, you’ll need to clean your St Paul solar panels to keep them operating at top performance. Our St Paul solar panel cleaning ensures optimal solar efficiency. Not only that keeping your solar panels clean, keeps the glass on your solar array from being damaged. Let us keep your solar panels looking great and performing even better!

Boost Solar Performance By Up To 20%

Did you know that solar performance can degrade by 20% without adequate solar cleaning in St Paul? It makes sense. Because you’re generating power from the sun, any obstructions are going to reduce the amount of solar power generated. Dirt, dust, and debris can pile onto your panels, blocking those precious sunbeams from reaching the inside of your array. So let us ask you this question: How effective are your solar panels? When’s the last time you’ve gotten your solar panels cleaned? It might be time to make the move. Luckily for you, we offer the best solar panel cleaning service in St Paul, TX.

How Our St Paul Solar Cleaning Works

Here’s how we take care of your problems

Even before our solar cleaning in Dallas starts, we do a full visual inspection of your solar panels. Some debris like rocks should be removed before cleaning commences. We also do a visual inspection to ensure that there is no cracks in any panels. We can also capture a before picture upon your request to show you the difference of the cleaning both before and after.

We will then gently spray down your solar modules. Rather than using high-pressure washers (like those used on decks and siding) we keep everything at the absolute minimal pressure to avoid damage. The pressure at this point is similar to natural rainfall.

We don’t use raw tap or hose water. Those water sources are filled with minerals that can leave residue and cause your panels to be damaged. Instead, our water is filtered through a di-ionization system to remove dissolvable solids found in tap water.

We gently scrub your solar panels using soft-bristled brushes that are safe and delicate to not damage the glass on your solar array. We gently scrub the dirt and bug splatter off your panels, avoiding any microfractures or scratches.

We’ll, spray, brush, and rinse until every inch of your solar panels are in pristine condition. We continue the same process over and over to ensure a thorough solar panel cleaning in Dallas.

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Avoid The Hassles

Although we’re experienced, skilled, and effective, it wasn’t these qualities that made us the best in St Paul, TX. We’re the best because of the heart we put into our work. Our company culture stresses the importance of a hard days work. We treat each and every home we visit like we would our home: with respect, courtesy, and buckets of elbow grease. We never take shortcuts and we’re not here to make a quick buck. In addition to respecting your home, we respect your TIME. You won’t be waiting around all day for a solar cleaner that doesn’t show up. We guarantee your satisfaction. If any part of the job left you wanting more, give us a call day or night. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you’re happy with our solar panel cleaning services.

Best Solar Panel Cleaning St Paul TX

Why use our Solar Cleaning?

It’s refined technology – not a cast iron pan. We avoid using abrasive cleaning methods which can damage your panels. We also avoid using any chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods that can strip protective coatings from your modules. It’s all about caution when dealing with your solar panels.

The safety of your home and solar panels are of the utmost importance to us, as well as keeping our staff safe from any hazard. Your home will be inspected for any unforeseen hazards or difficult conditions every step of the way.

Often your solar panels are surrounded by potentially sensitive equipment. Things like combiner boxes or inverters are never far from solar panels. We’ll always make sure to keep any water from being sprayed in these areas.

Not all roofs are safe to walk on, and not all solar panels are situated on roofs. That’s why we don’t limit our access options to just ladders. We have a variety of specialized equipment that helps us get to where we need to be, each and every time. In some cases, we can even wash your panels from the ground with our water fed pole technology. Utilizing a water fed pole allows us to pull purified water from our system and spray it onto your panels all while gently agitating your solar panels with our nylon brush attached to the carbon fiber pole. The results are crystal clear solar panels that dry spot free without and residue or dissolved solids drying onto your panels causing spotting or stains.

We’re not simply workmen or laborers. We’re the best problem solvers in Dallas, TX, and we’re here to make your life easier. Whether we’re dealing with vinyl siding or shingles, we’ve done it before. Whether it’s stucco, brick, concrete, wood or aluminum, no house (or problem) is too big for us to tackle. We understand why you want it done, and we understand how to get it done. Not only that we stand behind our work and warranty many of our pressure washing services. 

What you'll get with 1st choice

Before & After Photos

Upon request we can send you before and after photos of the solar panel cleaning services we provide. Many homeowners cannot see all of the panels on their roof so we like to provide photos so you can see the superb cleaning we provide.

Increased Solar Power

When we clean all of your solar panels we will remove a blanket of dirt and dust that inhibits your panels from soaking up maximum sun lights. When your panels are crystal clear they will perform better and stay protected from harmful damage.

100% satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee to provide you the best solar panel cleaning St Paul has to offer. We will safely and carefully clean all of your panels perfectly. If we cant provide to you the best solar cleaning St Paul has to offer than you don’t have to pay us a dime.

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