Roofing Cleaning services

Your roof is one of the most important parts of the house. Without a roof, it’s just walls that surround you. It protects you from rain, dirt, screeching sunlight, snow, and whatnot. It protects you while withstanding all these harsh weather conditions of Addison, TX but it’s not invincible. Over time the moisture, dirt, and debris from fallen leaves can create algae, moss, and mold. Algae is the most common issue as it feeds off your roof material and is easily spread to other houses via birds. If you don’t get roof cleaning services in time, it will eat up your roof and leave you with a hollow and weak roof above you. In some cases it can even cause a hole in the roof, resulting in leakages. Not only that, but it also creates dark stains on the roof. In summer these dark spots absorb more heat which increases the house temperature, resulting in more energy costs to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

At 1stchoicesoftwash, we make sure that you get rid of this issue completely. Normal roof cleaning will clean your roof but it will not remove the roots of the algae and after some time, the algae will show up again. But with our chemical roof cleaning, we will eliminate any remains of the algae. It will ensure that you won’t face such an issue in a long time. Call us now to preserve your roof.

Roof Cleaning Services

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Paving cleaning services

Whether it’s the driveway pavement in front of your home or it’s commercial pavement at your warehouse. It does the heavy lifting all the time. Your pavements get exposed to dirt, mud, weed, tire marks, oil, grease, and much more that we aren’t even aware of.  Yes, it’s made from concrete which is a very strong material but it can wear down with time. If you want your pavement to stay strong and keep doing its job then you should get rid of a small enemy which is unwanted weed. You might think It’s harmless and that it can be removed easily but it’s not. The reality is that the more you allow the weed to grow the deeper the roots will be and it will ultimately weaken the structure of that strong concrete pavement. These roots can only be cleaned properly with pressure cleaning that comes with proper paving cleaning services. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of your pavement and it can last up to 30 years. Not to mention that it will drastically improve the aesthetics of your overall house front. We at 1stchoicesoftwash make sure that your pavement lasts long and stands out in all of Addison, TX. Call us now to get a free estimate for our unmatched residential & commercial paving services.

Solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are a very smart move these days with all the rising electricity costs and inflation going up. You have installed them to save on your electricity bills, while providing the same comfort and utility for your family, right? Guess what, you might not be saving as much and actually be paying more than you have to.

All this because you haven’t got a solar panel cleaning in a while. Over time your solar panels get dirt, sand, and moss on them. All of these need to be removed for optimal performance of your solar panels. Dirt and sand can be removed to some extent with heavy rain but moss is the most dangerous of all and has the most effect on the power output. According to studies, if there’s moss on your solar panels, it can reduce the power generating capacity by 86%. That is a huge reduction in the energy output you are getting.
At 1stchoicesoftwash we are helping the residents of Addison, TX, to get the most value out of their panels. With our residential & commercial solar panel cleaning services we make sure that your panels stay clean and generate the most power for you. Call us now to get the real savings that you want. 

Home Washing Services

Would you want your family to get infected by harmful diseases? Or would you want to have a bad mode made worse with the mere sight of your home? No sane person would want that for themselves or their family. Not getting home washing services on time can lead to fungus, algae, and more unwanted life forms. These organic lifeforms often go unseen with the naked eye but impose critical health issues. What’s more dangerous is that you will not be able to notice the difference as they start growing gradually. Bacteria that come with them can cause frequent sneezing, headaches, and all sorts of irritations. Not to mention the ugly sight and odor that it will create. You will get accustomed to the odor too but people visiting your house will immediately feel the difference and it can cause a lot of embarrassment. 

Getting your home washed professionally will avoid all that. We understand that you might not get enough time from your hectic routine to do regular cleaning and are just too busy with other things. We have got your back. 1stchoicesoftwash located in Addison, TX, is one of the most reputable and affordable House Washing Contractors. We are obsessed with cleaning with detail and reaching all the crevices of your house. All this to make sure that your family stays safe and your house keeps looking great. So, call us now to get an estimate. 

Gutter cleaning services

Do you know that there’s a chance that your house can tilt on one side, just because you don’t take gutter cleaning seriously? Your gutters stay wet all year long. That’s what they are designed for, right? But they aren’t designed for the frequent clogging that takes place. Leaves, dirt, shopping bags, litter and sometimes heavy rainfall can cause gutters to clog. 

Now the question is, why get a gutter cleaning service when the water will eventually go away? Your house’s safety. More precisely, your house’s foundational health. If you wait and let that water go away on its own, there are high chance that the water is seeping into your house foundation. This seeping water has no room to escape and is there to stay. It will start to rot and produce bacteria, fungi, etc. All this rotting will weaken your house structure eventually leading your house to one side which can be very dangerous and expensive to repair. That is why it’s highly suggested to get a cleaning service at the soonest. 1stchoicesoftwash  provides affordable gutter Cleaning Services all over Addison, TX. So, call us now to get the most reliable cleaning services.

Why choose us?

1stchoicesoftwash has vast experience in providing roof cleaning services. Our main goal is to help our customers avoid expensive repairs by providing regular high quality cleaning service. We take pride in our 100% customer satisfaction and customer retention in Addison, TX. We have been able to achieve this because of our professional and friendly staff who perform the job as per our customer’s liking. As long as our customers are satisfied with the job we perform, we are happy too. Call us now to talk to one of our experts for any sort of cleaning.


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