Superlative Roofing Cleaning Services in Plano, Tx

1st Choice SoftWash is a full-service roof cleaning business that specializes in clearing your roof of loose debris, moss algae, mold, and mildew. With the help of our skills, we can treat your roof to stop moss development in addition to removing and cleaning it.

We are a well-known roof cleaning services provider offering services in Plano, TX, and the surrounding areas. We provide gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, and roof repair estimates. We also offer same-day service and emergency services. For us, no roofing task is too large or too little. Mold, black algae, mildew, dirt, fungus, and all forms of moss may be entirely removed from the surfaces of your cedar, metal, and composite asphalt concrete tile roofs by using our methods.

We can manage everything since we have a variety of roof cleaning techniques and chemical roof cleaning accessibility, such as air blowing, low-pressure washing, hand brushing, and other extremely specialized preventative treatments. We don’t use the toxic or caustic chemicals that other firms employ; instead, we offer expert roof cleaning services that are both safe and reasonably priced.

Hiring a professional roof washer is necessary since properly cleaning a roof is a laborious undertaking. We are aware of the precise pressure to use, the cutting-edge tools to employ, and the precise method to clean your roof to stop harm and the formation of undesirable elements. To get a free price and the best quality possible for total customer satisfaction, please contact us.

Roof Cleaning Services

Revitalize Your Space, Choose First Choice Soft Wash - Where Clean Meets Exceptional!

Premium Paving Cleaning Services

Any residential or commercial property’s curb appeal can be seriously harmed by dirty pavers. Thankfully, you may get a brand-new appearance without taking on a large renovation job. Instead, choose us to provide expert paver cleaning in Plano, TX. We’ve established ourselves as the best paving cleaning services thanks to our ability to remove stubborn stains, filth, mildew, and algae, and we’re sure we can do the same for you.

Our years of experience and our tried-and-true residential and commercial paving services are the reasons we succeed when other cleaning firms and do-it-yourself approaches fall short. Stain removal is frequently the first step in paver cleaning. We can use a range of specialized chemicals on various kinds of stains. Our pressure-washing apparatus will be used for the majority of the cleaning. You can rely on our professionals to select the ideal pressure and temperature settings to clean your pavers as thoroughly as possible without causing any damage.

We will force-wash any weeds, dirt, or sand that may have accumulated in the spaces between the pavers. For a tidy, new appearance, we will replenish all the seams with fine silica sand after the area has dried.

To maximize the advantages of paver cleaning, we advise all of our clients to have their pavers sealed thereafter. Additionally, sealing results in a smoother, dirt-free surface that is easier to maintain. Utilizing a pump, we apply a uniform layer of sealant on the pavers. Give us a call for more!

Expert Solar Panel Cleaning

Since your solar panels are a costly investment, it makes sense to have them cleaned by qualified and insured specialists. It makes financial sense to maintain your panels clean, therefore scheduling routine cleanings is essential. In heavy soil regions, such as air traffic lanes or farms, increasing the power output and efficiency of your solar system by 20% or more can have a significant influence on the reduction of your energy bills. We can offer you a free estimate and explain why the output of your solar system hasn’t been as high as it was after installation. Even if you can’t see birds right now, we guarantee that you have a problem if you have solar panels on your roof and a pool in your backyard. We provide servicing for all owned or leased solar panel cleaning for residential and business locations. 

Our premium residential and commercial solar panel cleaning services are made especially for properly cleaning solar panels to safeguard your investment. Only the finest reverse osmosis deionized water—no harsh chemicals. Our three-stage filtered pure water is delivered through an extension pole equipped with a brush designed especially for cleaning premium glass, including solar panels. There are regular maintenance packages and one-time cleaning options available, depending on your specific needs. Visit us here in Plano, TX!

Home Washing Services in Plano, Tx

We think that as your house is your castle, your housekeeping and cleaning services must be done accordingly. With decades of expertise in the cleaning business, our housekeepers and cleaners utilize only the greenest cleaning supplies to make your home the safest and cleanest place you’ve ever lived in. Select us and take advantage of our convenient and reasonably priced house cleaning services for Plano, TX residents. 

We strive to make expert home washing services as easy and safe as we can. You may obtain a pricing quotation for house cleaning and book a cleaning at a time and day of your choosing with our simple one-step booking form. Allow our house-washing contractors to maintain your family’s home safe and tidy!

We provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services to ensure your life is as easy as possible, in addition to our house cleaning service. Your dry cleaning, washing and folding laundry, shoeshine and repair, bedding and linen cleaning, and rug cleaning may all be handled by us.

To keep your house always appearing immaculate, employ our house cleaning service. Our staff will perform all routine housekeeping tasks during this service, including vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, wiping off countertops, and more. Furthermore, we can assist you with any unique housekeeping needs that you may have! Give our Plano, TX house cleaning professionals a call for more details!

Best Gutter Cleaning Services

Serving both residential and commercial buildings, we are one of the biggest gutter cleaning services in Plano, TX. We provide accurate gutter cleaning estimates online before we start work, and our gutter cleaning services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You must take immediate action if your gutters are clogged to shield your residence and place of business from the disastrous consequences of water damage that may and will occur if the gutters are not cleared and do not drain correctly.

Let’s face it, gutter cleaning is still definitely necessary even if you have a gutter guard or screen system installed. Smaller particles like silt and shingle granules frequently pass through gutter protection screens and guards, preventing your gutters from being entirely free. This results in a thick sludge that might harm your house and block your gutters and downspouts. At least twice a year, get your gutters cleaned; this is preventive maintenance for your home.

We are the brand you can rely on to do an excellent job when you require affordable gutter cleaning services. We offer complete gutter services to residential and commercial property owners, including installs, cleanings, and repairs. Our skilled gutter specialists are here to assist you, regardless of whether your gutters are overflowing with leaves or have gaps allowing water to seep into your structure. To receive a free quotation, call now.

Why choose us?

At 1st Choice SoftWash, we are a trustworthy service that you can rely on. We have been providing roof cleaning services in Plano, TX for years. We know what supplies to utilize and what to watch out for in terms of warning indicators. We continue to receive repeat business from our clients for a reason. Our staff will get to work as soon as you give the go-ahead on a project to make sure it is finished precisely and on time. Nothing is more annoying than having people wander around on your roof all day. We’ll collaborate with your schedule to choose the best time for us to do the task. Make sure to get in touch with them right now if you’re searching for top-notch customer support and a business that offers high-quality services.


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